Caught by the rain


Again!!! Don’t seem to learn. Since it had been a while taking a hike and photos I jumped out the door as it was clearing today. Should have listen to my gut feeling who tried to tell me that this was probably not a great idea. Not to mention the forecast who told us its gonna rain, rain and rain some more this afternoon.  Half an hour later I was wet to the bone and my shoes made funny noises. Never the less I did manage to get a couple of pictures, this being one of them. Not complaining, it was afterall a fine day. The sound of dripping water, the wind and falling leaves also brings peace to mind, not just a wet me. And the best….. getting home, peeling off the soaking wet clothes and feeling gratitude that I’m able to actually do as I please. It is not given for everyone.

4 thoughts on “Caught by the rain

  1. But what a nice picture you got – they are adorable. 🙂
    It`s the same kind of weather here…

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