Wisdom of the Tao

One of my favorite author are Dr. Wayne Dyer. He’s the guy that introduced me, among other stuff,  to the teachings of Lao-Tzu. For the last year or so I’ve been reading his book Change your thought -Change your life, Living the wisdom  of the tao back and forth. Dyers book contains the 81 verses and his interpretation of them. Making the verses so much easier to understand. I love the way the Man writes, his view on life and how to adress problems and excuses.

I’m planning to work myself through the verses yet again. It is a work in progress and Dyer recommend  that this is a work to read and process slowly. Anyway… I’m posting the verses at my blog as I go along if anyone else would be interested in reading them.


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15 thoughts on “Wisdom of the Tao

  1. Thank you for liking HORSE LATITUDES. I appreciate you taking time to check my work out. I’ve been involved in forms of this quest all of my life, (57 years) . . .

    No worries.

    What will be, will be.

    You will manifest these verses or not, as you will. The pull of the spirit is mysterious. Take time to be here, now. If this is all you choose to do, that is enough.

    For some reason I am encouraged to give you a reading.

    FROM THE COMPLETE I CHING, by Taoist Master Alfred Huang.

    #11. TAI. ADVANCE

    “Sequence of the gua: After fulfilling one’s duty with composure, one feels peaceful and safe. Thus, after Fulfillment, Advance follows.


    The little is departing;
    The great is arriving.
    Good fortune.
    Prosperous and smooth.

    Heaven and Earth unite;
    All beings come into union.
    The upper and the lower link;
    Their wills are the same.

    The inner is the yang; the outer is the yin.
    The inner is strong; the outer is the gentle.
    The inner is the superior; the outer is the inferior.

    The way of the superior is expanding;
    The way of the inferior is shrinking..


    Heaven and Earth are moving together.
    An image of Advance.
    In correspondence with this,
    The ruler gives full play to his ability and wisdom
    To complete the Tao of Heaven and Earth,
    And assists their suitable arrangement,
    to influence people.”


    1. Oh ..wow..Thank you so, so very much for the reading and for visiting, feedbacks and likes 🙂 I Ching is not a divination tool that is familiar to me and I think I have to ponder a while over the reading…yet some of it is strangely similar to other readings and experiences in my life. Again …Thank you 🙂


  2. I love The Tao as well, in fact, that’s why I started doing Chi Quang about 10 years ago.

    Also, Lao Tzu is a wisdom poet.

  3. Heard about and seen Chi Quang, never tried it myself. Maybe I should 🙂 I’ve only tried a bit of Yoga and the 5 Tibetan Rites

  4. As this teachings had no significant effect in the region where it has it’s origin, we shouldn’t lose our western scepticism.

    1. Good thing I have a healthy scepticism then. As I tend to read any kind of books with different teaching based on what I like and not what kind of effect it has on others 🙂

    2. you’ve gotta be kidding! Chinese history and even modern day China is full of references to Laozi. ( Lao Tse).

      1. Yes, it’s like western culture in relation to the wisdom of Christianity: Only the hot air of nuclear explosions. What really happens shows nearly no references to philosophy. The bored and disappointed westener orientates himself to the east, and for the people in the east nothing is more exotic than the west. I know that because I’m living among them. It’s ridiculous!

  5. Great, I’m in, and looking forward to reading a different perspective (or perspectives) on Lao Tzu! If you would be interested, just for the fun of comparison and contrast, you might find some of the Stoics interesting 🙂

      1. There are two modern books that are fairly good. One is by William Irvine, and is a fairly easy read. The second one, called Stoic Serenity, is by Keith Seddon, and involves simultaneous reading (and journaling) from past Stoics like Seneca and Aurelius. While I personally like the second one better, it is more involved. Then there is always Wikipedia 🙂

  6. I love your way of going through the Tao. I only tried it as an oracle and as I tend not to go for such divination I have probably missed the wisdom of reading a bit each day or every so often. I came across the 40 Rules of Love of Shams of Tabriz( thers a novel too!) and have decided to read and think about each one, every so often! Too personal for me to blogthough! Sounds like you have a tough job that needs a spiritual focus and very effective way to unwind.Your photos are so sharp too.

    1. Never heard of 40 rules of love of shams of tabriz. I have to check this out..sounds exciting 🙂 Yes some days it really is a tough job, but mostly very rewarding. Thank you 🙂

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