Misty morning

It is a misty morning
As I walk along the trail.
The fog..hanging softly
Like unto a misty vail.

Silence walks the parkway
As I tread so softly there,
Enveloped in Your gentleness
My heart….it has no fear.

The trees….Their faces craggy,
Stand solemnly…at large
Standing at attention
Before their mighty charge.

The stream so softly gurgling
As it rushes down the way,
Swiftly flowing water…
Going to another day.

My mind is held in awe
As now I hear you say,
‘My child, I’ll always love you,
Just let, now, come what may’.

Author: Carolyn Ford Witt

7 thoughts on “Misty morning

  1. Great minds think alike…I just posted a bunch of misty morning photos.

    Although your poem is much better than my silence… šŸ™‚

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