Seems like I have an on/off relationship with blogging now a days. Did not intend it to be so, but still here I am on and off. More off than on to be precise. Most likely I gonna continue this way for a little while longer cause I so much enjoy the opporturnity the light days give me  ….. before winter sets in and shortens the days. Outdoor photoactivity, family and work don’t give me much spare time.

Logging in today it kind of hit me how much I missed all of your post. All the beautiful photos, poems, stories and everything else. I have lots of catching up to do.

“Forgiveness says you are given another chance to make a new beginning”.

Desmond Tutu

20 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. What a sweet and gentle post. We miss you, too, and will welcome you back whenever you again feel moved to grace us with your photos and matching quotes.

    1. Thank you kindly Cate. I hope you’re doing well. Hopefully late autumn and winter is my time for indoor activity such as editing photos, sharing and catching up in here 🙂

  2. I was very happy to see your post in my Reader. 🙂 And Thank you for the visit.
    I’ve also been away quite a while and am still catching up. Great to see your photos and read your quotes. 🙂

  3. Beautiful photo!
    Yes, you’ve been missed, but the days of summer are too precious to waste sitting at a computer. There’ll be time enough for that in the coming months. 🙂

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