If I am still ~ do you cease to see me?
Do I become invisible in your busy world?
If I whisper ~ will you hear me?
Or amidst the noise and chaos
Do I disappear?
If I close my eyes ~ will you abandon me?
Or would you be willing to sit in the darkness by my side?
If I I no longer hear you ~ and the story of your life …
Will you forget me ~ and move on to another who will?
Please remember this,
in my stillness, and in my silence,
in my darkness and in my pure light
I can see your beauty, I can feel your heart,
I can hear your truth
and I can touch the love between us
as the living energy that it is.
I see you. I hear you. I feel you.
In your stillness, in your silence,
in your darkness and in your pure light.
~ Pamela Ferman


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