Spending time this holiday season with family for a few days. Again taking a break from social media. On my way to my mothers house on the 24th it was perfectly green and warm everywhere. Driving home today, not so much. It was perfecly white everywhere and very icy to drive. And even though it’s been a great time, I’m happy to be home.

11 thoughts on “Snowtime

  1. Oh I love your photo and the memories it brings back for me. I lived in your country for a decade and just loved the snow and cold (call me crazy, but when you live in such a hot climate as I do, a cold Xmas is something you pray for LOL). I will admit to romantisicing the whole snow thing, as it does become annoying and dangerous. But — I love it still! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ I guess it is okay in small doses. Still I’m kind of a summer person so I would prefer a warmer climate than Norway by winter. Looks great in pictures though. According to the forecast the snow is gonna stay for a little while so I hope for the opportunity for some more winterphotos since it was getting dark by the time I got home. So you lived in Norway?

  2. Silly me – For some reason I though you lived in the USA. That’s where I lived for a decade. Would love to go to Norway.

    1. Nope, never ever been to the USA. But I can see how it can be difficult in the blogging world to know everyones homecountry. You should try Norway sometime. Beautiful mountains, fjords and northern lights πŸ™‚

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