WPC: Careful


Handle with care.

I found this little butterfly as she crash landed in my garden. Her wings was so badly damaged that she could not fly. As I carefully put my hand down in front of her, she climed on my thumb nail and stayed there.

Not knowing quite what to do, I sat her down on my lavender. I regulary checked if she was still there. Hoping that she magically had fixed her wings and flown away. But she didn’t. At evening I went out to check on her one last time… still there.

By now I felt really sorry for her, all defenseless. Should I let nature take Β it’s course?

I couldn’t, so once again I put my hand in front of her and she climed on and I took here inside. I got her a napkin and put her on a safe place. Well aware that she would not make through the night… and she didn’t. But at least she was dry, warm and safe for a while.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Careful

18 thoughts on “WPC: Careful

  1. A butterfly with wings so worn no doubt had a full and long life. She probably had a great life as a caterpillar, then got her wings and had a boyfriend and made little babies to delight us in future summers. How fortunate for her that you gave her a secure place to fade away.

    I had a pet butterfly once. I thought of it as male and named him Montgomery. I found him walking around near the edge of the apartment swimming pool in which I was doing my laps. He was freshly out of his pupal stage, but one of his wings had not unfurled properly (and never did). I took him up to my apartment and put him in a box with a towel. I was at a loss how to feed him, but after some consideration I decided that since their main source of food was flower nectar, I’d try him on fruit juice. I put a drop in the crook of my finger and he walked up to it, unrolled his proboscis, and drank it up. I put him back in the box with a soda bottle cap full of apple juice, and some things to climb on. I thought I’d killed him once when I unwisely tried to feed him after removing my nail polish. He keeled over immediately from the fumes. But fortunately he came to. (I never did that again!) I had him for 3 months, and since I didn’t put a top on the box and he could walk around, my first mission every night when I came home was to find him – he was usually somewhere in the green shag carpet. (I had my electricity turned off once during this period – ever tried to safely find a walking butterfly in carpet with your fingers in a dark apartment? Took me at least an hour.) Eventually he went to meet his maker but he was a good little friend for a surprisingly long time. Thanks for reminding me of him with your story!

    1. That is such a sweet and funny story…and for 3 months. I can imagine you crawling around on your green carpet. Thanks for stopping by and for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. A sad but loving story. I recognize myself and my two children in this. We are all the same. The butterfly was taken safely home. thank you.

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