Life is amazing

“Life is amazing. And then it’s awful, And then it’s amazing again. And in between the amazing and the awful, it’s ordinary and mundane and routine. 

Breathe in the amazing, hold on through the awful and relax an exhale  during the ordinary. That’s just living heartbreaking, soulhealing, amazing, awful ordinary life. And it’s breathtakingly beautiful.”

– L.  R. Knost


24 comments on “Life is amazing

  1. GREAT quote – so rooted in reality – and marvelous seed head opening. Was it really tiny? It looks as if it is small enough to be generally overlooked, except by your keen eye!

    • Yes I fell for this quote when I stumbled upon it on facebook. They were really tiny individually, but on a larger bush looking plant. Thank you so much Eliza 🙂

    • Nei, ser ut som noe frø greier. Litt samme prinsipp som løvetann slik at de kan sveve avgårde. Ingen aning hva slags plante det er. Noe fra grøftekanten 🙂

  2. Wow! I have reflagged,tweeted,G+’d and something else that I don’t now remember but Wow doesn’t say how appropriate to me the very moment in my reality that I read this and just HAD to plaster it everywhere I could! ha ha….. Yes 🙂 Thank you

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