Night thoughts

Why can’t people just be who they are, really are…. all the time.  I know some of  the smartest, funniest, beautiful and opinionated souls in this world….at least in my world. They will talk about their hopes, dreams and fears, loudly and with great enthusiasm. About the past, present and future. Likes and dislikes. Religion and spirituality. Secrets and lots of other stuff  shared within a friendship, Open and  mostly honestly,  at least I hope so.

So what the h… happens when you put other people in the mix. The souls you know (or think you know) and love changes in seconds. After a lifetime of knowing someone, you kind of get their essence. I’m not easily suprised, but this gets me every time: They are a secret!!!

Me….. well I’m pretty much an open book:

  • If I have an opinion about something … anything, I can stand for that opinion in  public if necessary.
  • If I like or dislike someone or something, I own that,
  • If I don’t agree with you, something you said or the way you behave, I will let you know,
  • If you point your finger at me, I probably gonna bite you.
  • Don’t expect me to speak or act in a certain way just to please you or make you like me,
  • Last and most importantly,  I have the ability to change my opinion and apologize when I’m wrong.

Why are someone so concerned what others might think about them?  So concerned that they actually keep the authentic self a secret, even though they are perfect just the way the are.


“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

– Bernard M. Baruch



11 thoughts on “Night thoughts

  1. It is the one thing I taught my kids – Be yourself! Which is pretty hard in school and life, when most people, as you say, change in different situations. I have no idea why either. But I’d rather talk to someone like you, who does not ‘change face’ than these others, who say one thing to your face and then something else behind your back.

    1. I always wonder if I can relate to a persons need to be liked by everyone. Even though they don’t like everyone themselves. This is pretty important for our kids, being in a popular group and for someone this seems to continue way into older age …

  2. Fear of rejection is a powerful force and rules many. Life teaches folks that it isn’t always safe to be who you are, so the facade is built for protection, but ironically, it also keeps one separate from fully engaging in life.
    Lovely image!

  3. Perhaps it comes from always being told that ‘who you are’ was never good enough. Hear it often enough and you might never know how much courage it took for that friend to open up to you.
    Some people are an open book.
    Some people will never be anything but what they think everyone else wants.
    You can’t change that – but you can be yourself; and maybe somewhere along the way, you can allow them to be who they feel they have to be.

    1. Could be for some. We all have different stories. Not in this case though. I can understand people who has been put down their intire life would protect themselves from further harm , I would too. It is just an observation of life’s twists and turns, and it has been talked about. I believe we all are capable of change, if we want to and maybe with a little help from some good friends. Thank you for stopping by and commenting 🙂

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