Lazy days

My teenager and I went to visit family in another part of our country for almost a week and came home this afternoon. We had some sun, some rain, little bit of fog, and mostly a lot of cold, This july has so far been extremely cold comparing to last year. Didn’t matter that much seeing the most important part for us was to spend some lazy days with our loved ones. And the second best part about the trip…… Left the PC at home, NO internet meaning NO facebook or NO wordpress. It was almost like being far from civilization for a while. Like in a mountain-cabin but near the city!!!

Now I have a lot of catching up to do seeing all of you have been so active while I was enjoying lazy internet-free days.

11 thoughts on “Lazy days

  1. Lovely image: soft and peaceful. And good for you, stepping away from virtual reality for awhile to enjoy simpler, slower pleasures!

    1. Thank you Cate. It really has been some relaxing and peaceful days. Everone should try it once in a while. Good for the soul šŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much Eliza. I still have a couple of weeks off so hopefully I can use them in a creative way finding new motives to capture šŸ™‚

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