8 thoughts on “Pace of nature

  1. Really trying to figure out what kind of insect that is. I’m stumped, Ann. What is it? Oops, I now see on your tags it is a spider. LOL Love, Amy ❤

      1. You are too funny, Ann. I hope you have been doing well. Our paths haven’t crossed much lately probably due to my sporadic blogging. Life got crazy there for a while. Thank goodness it is slowing down some. Whew!!!! ❤

      2. Doing just fine. Thanks for asking my friend. Haven’t done that much blogging myself lately. Been busy photographing in a wedding, going through some 800 pictures and editing a few of them..puh what a job. But it was fun too, a new experience and a huge step away from nature photos and macro. Glad to hear that life is slowing down a bit for you. We need to fuel our batteries once a while ❤ Love Ann

      3. I’ve really been decreasing my blogging time, Ann, so that I can get more involved in LIFE. I’ve really turned a huge corner with my photography, so I am really curious where this is taking me. That means, yes, taking pictures. Life as well got so nutso crazy, and it is just this week I feel the cruise control once again. Whew! Good for you doing a wedding!! I’m not really comfortable photographing people and to even think about editing 800 pics makes my eyes crossed. I hope you are taking time out to at least walk. Why I say this ….. I for many years consistently walked. For some reason over this past winter, I got away from the walking, thinking Yoga would be enough. Wrong! I’ve been having so much trouble with inflamed knees, throbbing aching legs, and generalized inflammation all because I have not been walking! Yesterday even though my legs and knees screamed, I walked for 45 minutes. The longer I was on the walk, the better my legs, back and knees felt. We who use the computer tend to sit too much. Movement is LIFE. For real. I now INTEND to walk at least every day to keep my circulation going well and to keep the inflammation down. Just passing on some goodies to you from my own Life! 🙂 Love you! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

      4. Good for you Amy, getting involved in life. How exciting about your photography. Can’t wait to hear where it’s taking you. And thank you for your input on walk and your experience. I try to walk after work each day… if the weather is okay and always with my little camera. I think, as you probably know, at these walks you get 2 in 1, both the walk and the funny yoga poses while trying to take photos…LOL But on the more serious side, it is really good for both body and mind, so keep up you good intentions and I will do the same. Love Ann ❤

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