WPC: On the Way

Almost weekly I met these beautiful creatures. They live in the woods near me and are to be seen very close to the trial where a lot of people take their daily walks. I can stand hidden among the threes, see and hear how people hurry by. Usually they don’t see me and they for sure don’t notice these amazing animals. They are to busy talking on the phone, to each other, listening to music while jogging and so on.

I feel so lucky being present enough to notice the beauty nature gives on my way from home to my favorite places, taking photos as I go.


Weekly Photo Challenge – On the Way


21 comments on “WPC: On the Way

    • Thanks Cate. Usually we have this staring game each time I see them. After a while they go back to eating, I make a sound because I move and we’re back to the staring game again 🙂

  1. I am in AWE of this post, Ann. You are experiencing HEAVEN. This image is enchanting and I can actually FEEL Angels present. What a Gift you have given me this day. I will remember this image as I lay on my grass today. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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