The tiny little bee

Found this little fellow in my windowsill yesterday.The tiniest sweet and fragile bee you ever can imagine. Laying on his back looking very dead. I was about to remove him. But as soon as I touched him, his leg moved ever so weakly.

This little guy was in great need of some seriuos rescuing. What to do when you know nothing about bee-rescuing I asked myself. And somewhere deep in my mind I went from flowers to honey, all the sweet things and finally remember reading something about sugarwater.

I drizzled some drops of sugarwater on a old cd and added one little bee. He stumbled around for a while before he started to drink. Finished drinking, he crawled under the cd and stayed absolutely still for the rest of the evening.

First thing I checked returning from work today….my little furry bee-friend!!

…to be continued….

7 thoughts on “The tiny little bee

      1. Ah – I wouldn’t point out typos to someone else; my own posts and comments are riddled with them at the moment! I usually notice one just after hitting ‘send’! πŸ™‚
        And thiny or tiny – he was really cute. πŸ™‚

  1. Great photo! Sugar water was a good idea – we have bees trying to get to our hummingbird feeders all the time and that’s what’s in them.

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