Do we have life?

Coming home from work I went to check on The tiny little bee. He was gone!! No way he could have gotten out. All the windows was closed.

Where did he go? Now I’m thinking he’s probably dead somewhere. Suddenly I saw him sitting at the base of my wooden  lamp foot… yes, we got life. How much life I didn’t know before he did the things that’s very annoying about insects. Buzzing up and down the window, desperatly trying to get out. What a sweet sound.

I opened both windows and within minutes my furry friend made a big escape to freedom.

7 thoughts on “Do we have life?

  1. Great story. Life is fleeting but you used your time to make it a little better! I have daughter #2 graduating from high school in a few days. She was just a little kid yesterday but soon she will be heading out the window too.

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