The moment

“To slow time down, practice enjoying the moment. It is where we spend our entire lives.”

― Wu Wei, I Ching Wisdom: More Guidance from the Book of Answers, Volume Two


6 comments on “The moment

  1. Beautiful, Ann! Reminds how I really listened in the moment to some music last night and was just taken away on wings of sunshine. I have music playing all the time, like white noise, and have gotten so used to it, I no longer really listen. I was stunned what I heard last night. Just stunned. Have a great weekend, my friend. Love, Amy

    • Thank you Amy. It funny how all become more clear when you are fully present and not stressed out. You seem to silently observe every detail being in music, nature, situations, people etc never miss a thing. Seeing and hearing things you normally would miss. Wish you a great weekend to my dear friend. Love Ann

      • Practicing BEing in the moment takes time and patience. I have done it so many times when alone with Mother. BEing aware in my normal routine where much I am “automatic pilot” is now my challenge. You have a great weekend as well, my friend. Our challenge this weekend … find MAGIC in the MOMENT. Love, Amy

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