Living in contentment – 3. vers

Putting a value on status

will create contentiousness.

If you overvalue possessions,

people begin to steal.

By not displaying what is desirable, you will

 cause the people’s heart to remain undisturbed.

The sage governs

by emtying minds and hearts,

by weakening ambitions and strengthening bones.

Practice not doing….

When actions is pure an selfless

everything settles into its own perfect place.

7 thoughts on “Living in contentment – 3. vers

    1. Don’t know much about Bhagavada Gita (hinduism), but when it comes to follow a path, any path is about finding something that feels right for you. I like to read Tao te ching (taoism), as the verses here in my blog, which is something different, more like buddhism, yet as often one can find in philosophical and religious text’s some similarities

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