What I love about blogging – from me to you

Since I have this newfound passion for taking photos that’s obviously one of the things I love about blogging. (Those of you who have read my about page know how this photopassion came to be.) The opportunity to share was the beginning of why  I am here now, I know, I know it’s actually a very selfish reason.  When I first started taking pictures I shared a lot of them on my facebook profile. Thinking after a while that my friends sooner or later probably would be sick and tired of me and my new hobby. Not so easy to unfriend relatives or a close friend, right? 😉 Not complaining, my friends and family on FB has been very supportive and I love them for that ❤  Come to think about it, this is probably a issue that mostly exist in my own head 😉 Anyway, that’s when I decided to find a new media. A place where people could chose to like, follow and otherwise interact..or not. Your choice!!

Quotes and sayings, words of wisdom to live by and ponder upon is something I have always loved. So it came quite natural to combine the two.

I don’t usually write long post with lots of words, but this is why today:

Besides the opportunity to share my own stuff I really enjoy to follow fellow bloggers on their journey. Here you get to experience the whole world in your own living room. Real people from all parts of the world sharing what they also love. Bloggers who take beautiful and amazing photos of the nature, local animal-life, other people, streetphoto and so on from around their own neigbourhood. People travelling the world and sharing their journey. Others who write beautifully who shares their poems, writings  opinions. quotes, stories and experiences with us,  This has now become the the main reason why I am still here and I just wanted you guys to know that.

I might not be the best or most active person to comment on everything, Maybe it’s a language thing, maybe I don’t always have something to say, timeissue or it has been said already, but in that second I hit the like button that means something. It means that I have seen your work, passion or what ever you share and I really like it.

So from me to you…  I’m in awe and totally blown away of all you talented people out there. A very big thank you for sharing your passion and for being such an inspiration ❤





15 thoughts on “What I love about blogging – from me to you

  1. This is a wonderful, heartfelt statement of gratitude and encouragement. It’s also an apt appreciation of the larger community of bloggers, who by sharing their little corner of life, broaden our perspective and understanding. Thank you, and thank you, too, for your marvelous contributions.

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