My fury friend


Picture taken last summer. She disappered later that year, never to be seen again. She was a real cutie and the only cat I’ve ever met that sounded more like a mouse than a cat. Still wondering what happen to her…..Still in our hearts ❤


5 comments on “My fury friend

  1. What a beautiful cat! I had a cat that left one day and never came home. I liked to imagine that he’d found a new home and was curled up in his custom cat-bed by a warm fireplace nibbling top-shelf cat treats and batting around a silk embroidered catnip mouse. But I knew it wasn’t true.

  2. My Heart would be broken if something like this happened. I am so attached to all my cats. This to me would be hell. I cannot even image how you must feel. Truly I am so very sorry this happened. Love, Amy

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