19 thoughts on “Raspberry leaf

  1. Nice shade and tones of colors to these leaves. Autumn is here but not that noticeable where I am. But it is my very favorite season of the year here and winters are not bad at all.

      1. I think you are definitely in an area with real winters. Very mild here, rarely if ever any snow and only a few days with freezing temperatures that only last a few hours. But summers…..:-)) can get very uncomfortable

      2. Can get really freeszing for days, weeks or even months here in Norway. Spend most of winter dreaming about a little cottage in warmer climate.But I guess to hot summerdays can be a bit of a challenge too. Somewhere in between would be nice.

      3. I just had some visitors from Norway here the first week in September! I did a photo book with a Norwegian photographer/artist. I am in touch with them and they tell me it is already cold, at least for me. They were here at the very end of summer and that heat and humidity hit them like a wall but they enjoyed their stayed. I am reading about your country now and may want to visit. But odd enough, I would like to visit during the long dark hours and do night and winter photography. I would love to photographs auroras but also old Viking graves. I guess a first visit will be best in summer or I am going to have to get some truly serious winter clothes to face your winters. :-)) They brought me book on fjords, mountains and I have always been fascinated with Scandinavia in general.

      4. It is a small world afterall. Yes it’s getting colder now. Even had som snow up north. You know, the place where you are most likely to visit if you are gonna photograph the auroas. I can understand looking at your photos why you chose the dark season, but then again it can be very bright with snow everywhere. Makes amazing motives and there are lots of beautiful places to visit

      5. My photographer friend lives in Oslo with her husband and two young children. Her father who came along on this visit lives in Harestua. He mentioned the possibilities of auroras not far from Oslo but best of course in the North. We also talked about the Sami or Lapp living up north. They kept telling me that if I visit in winter that I will need wool apparel. Maybe it is best to go during a summer first and get to know the country a little bit. There is a publisher interested in our book, they will meet with them next week: http://www.konturforlag.no/ I am not sure if our book fits what they tend to publish but we will find out soon and there can always be changes made and images changed or added.
        The snow and the dark winter interests me greatly and I am sure they make amazing motives for photography.

      6. I’ve seen auroas where I live, not so far from Oslo. Only once, but I know it appeared here a not so long ago. Saw the picture in the newspaper. Some amazing colours. Did not have the pleasure to witness it this time. Summer are probably a good choice for a first time visit, and even summer can sometimes be cold, at least at nights. Let me know if you get your book published.

      7. Maren and I designed the book and printed a few self-published copies and I sent all of them to her last week. There are some bookstores and galleries perhaps interested in displaying it. But it is best if we have a Publishing House interested in it. Maren and her husband will meet with Kontur Forlog and see what they have to say. She does very nice portraits and I…well, I think you know now what I tend to do but I also did windows and doors and old structures for this book.
        This winter will be too soon for me to visit but if things go well, maybe early next year or when spring begins and the long days return.
        Auroras must be fascinating and worth seeing. Erik mentioned that he saw them not far from Oslo but I do not recall where.

  2. How exciting this must be for you all. I wish you the very best of luck with publishing the book. And if it contains photos like the one you share on your blog I would surely buy one.

    1. Maren and I are good friends and collaborators and working together has been a good experience. We will see. Yes, the photos are similar to what you see here. Thank you. But if this does not work out with Kontur, we have our own isbn number and we can display this book at bookstores in Oslo and I think some may have agreed to do it. I will keep you posted it.
      Your country is a beautiful one and my experience with my Norwegian visitors a very pleasant one.

    1. Good. I am familiar with it along with other traditions but in itself it is really all one needs. And its proximity to Nature or Nature itself, is sufficient to enable us to see what really matters, reality as it is.

      1. Could not agree more. I can relate more to Tao because I consider myself more spiritual than a religious person

      2. It is not about religion but actually common sense and observation, The verses that form the Tao Te Ching and other Taoist writings are filled with common sense and are solely based on observations on Nature and to some extent human behavior. If you relate to it, that is good enough! 🙂

      3. Not often I come by people that know about the Tao..interesting. It is because the simplicity that it is so easy to relate. Now its time for me to sign off …and off to bed. It’s the midle of the night now

      4. I know. And I will be up early tomorrow to go to my “little excursion.” It is simple and yet deep but this is its essence.

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